Here are St Joseph’s RC Primary we are committed to prioritising the safety of all within our school community. Safeguarding our children, staff and visitors is a fundamental part of our work.  Within our school, we follow clear policies and procedures to ensure that children are safe from harm.

Designated Safeguarding Leader and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads

The Designated Safeguarding Lead in school is our headteacher, Mrs C Dunne.

We have two Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads in school too who can help if there is a time when Mrs Dunne is not available. They are Mrs A Russell, our Deputy Head Teacher, and Mrs R Vernon, our Pastoral Officer.

St Joseph’s RC Primary – Safeguarding Policy 2023 – 2024

Early Help

Early Help is in place to ensure that families have help and support at the point of need.  School is equipped to provide support to families and is able to access a range of services on behalf of families and children.
We have a skilled Pastoral Officer, Mrs Rebecca Vernon, who is employed to help families if they are experiencing any issues from routines at home to accessing support for housing.   She can be reached through the school office via telephone or she is available on site from 8.45 until 1pm daily.

Rochdale’s Early Help Offer

Early help support for families

Early help is about helping children, young people and families deal with any issues as early as possible.

It’s available to families with a child up to the age of 19, or a child up to the age of 25 if they’ve got special educational needs or disabilities.

How can I get Early Help Support?

The best way to get early help support is to talk to a professional who knows you already. This could be your child’s doctor, teacher, support worker, school nurse, health visitor or early intervention and prevention worker.

They’ll be able to talk to you about what additional help you may need and how to access it.

  • Speak to a professional who already knows your child to ask for early help support
  • Alternatively, you can contact us using the details on our website to ask for early help support (see link below to web site)
  • Rochdale’s Early Help TeamThe best way to get early help support is to talk to a professional who knows you already. This could be your child’s doctor, teacher, support worker, school nurse, health visitor or early intervention and prevention worker.

Among Us – important safety information for parents

Among Us WUW

Safe After School

This year Rochdale LA launched a campaign to educate and advise parents about safeguarding checks for providers of clubs, child-care, any unregulated activities. We provided all children with a leaflet to help with this campaign. Rochdale LA have provided more resources and information now and with the summer holidays upon us, we thought that this was a timely opportunity to share with you.

The link below takes you to a video which explains all about the campaign and provides much useful and enlightening information for parents –

Below is a link to a parent / carer leaflet –

The link below provides you with some useful questions that you could and should ask anyone with whom you are leaving your child –

If you would like any further information, please contact Mrs Dunne or Mrs Vernon at school.

Let’s work together to keep our children safe after school!

Operation Encompass

School commitment statement

As part of  St Joseph’s RC Primary School’s commitment to keeping children safe we have signed up to implement the principles and aims of the Encompass Model.

In signing up to Encompass the Governing Body and Senior Leadership Team:

• Endorse the Encompass Model and support the Key Adults in our school to fulfil the requirements of the Rochdale Encompass Protocol

• Promote and implement Rochdale Encompass processes and use these in accordance with internal safeguarding children processes

• Recognise the sensitive nature of the information provided and ensure that this is retained in accordance with the principles of data protection

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Mrs M Schofield                                                                        Mrs C Dunne

Chair of Governors                                                                 Head Teacher

Op Encompass Procedure – approved by RBSCB

Operation Encompass April 2019