Head teacher

Mrs C Dunne

Deputy Head teacher / SENCO

Mrs A Russell

Assistant Head Teacher

Mrs J Gore

We have 14 classes here at St Joseph’s – 

Class 1

Class teacher: Miss M Clews

Teaching Assistant: Mrs K Coffey

Class 2

Class teacher: Mrs L Hale

Teaching Assistant: Miss J Coverley

Miss A Kneale and Mrs J Cadd are also Teaching Assistants who work throughout EYFS.

Class 3

Class teacher: Mrs N Bellett

Teaching Assistants: Mrs S Statham, Mrs A Naughton and Mrs Covill

Class 4

Class teacher: Miss P Ward

Teaching Assistant: Mrs S Smith

Class 5

Class teacher: Mrs N Loraine

Teaching Assistant: Mrs C Robinson

Class 6

Class teacher: Miss R Mitchell

Teaching Assistant: Mrs C Tomkins

Class 7

Class teacher: Miss R Martin

Class 8

Class teacher: Mr J Jarvis

Miss B Worsley is a teaching assistant who works across both Year 3 Classes.

Mrs A Smith is also a Teaching Assistant who works in Year 3.

Class 9

Class teacher: Mr T Callaghan

Class 10

Class teacher: Mr Cunningham

Mrs K Wilkinson is a teaching assistant who works across both Year 4 Classes.

Class 11

Class teacher: Mrs J Gore

Class teaching assistant: Mrs S Tilley

Class 12

Class teacher: Miss G Farrelly

Class teaching assistant: Miss A Clowes

Class 13

Class teacher: Mr J Parsonage

Class teaching assistant: Miss S Hutchinson

Class 14

Class teacher: Mr M Green

Class teaching assistant: Mrs M Gerrard

Mrs J Jackson is a teaching assistant who also works across Year 6.

School Sports Leader:

Mr S Riley

Pastoral Officer

Mrs Rebecca Vernon

Office staff

School Business Manager: Mrs H Clarke

Administrative Assistants: Mrs A Gregory and Mrs A Wood

Site Staff

Caretaker: Mr L Standley

Cleaner: Mrs L Hogg

Cleaner: Mrs M Reynolds

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs A Raggett

Mrs A Smith

Mrs L Simister

Mrs L Hogg

Mrs M Reynolds

Mrs S Banks